Thanyapura, Thailand


Thanyapura has the world’s finest sports facilities, with expert coaching and mindful services on the tropical island. Its multi-dimensional approach to training develops the body, mind & soul with world-class facilities. There are specialized coaches for all the various disciplines. The Amazing Health Centre offers various treatments and wellness plans individually or for the group. These plans are designed for those looking together to develop an effective schedule that assists guests in reaching their aim of wellness during their stay at the resort, and after they leave for time – being.

Sports Facilities

Aqua Exercise, Swimming, Cycling, Tennis, Triathlon, Yoga, Fitness Gym, Kids Camps, Xtreme Adventure.

Best Time to Visit:-

November to February when it’s cool and dry, after which it remains quite hot until May month.

The specialty of Resort:-

77-room Pool Wing, 37-room Garden Wing, The View Conference Hall, 208 sqm The View Boardroom, 21 sqm.


Some of South East Asia’s Best Sporting Facilities, Triathlon Training, Aquatics Training, Tennis Training Gym Facilities, Fitness Classes Sports Science Support.


Full medical staff at Medical Center, Detox and Weight loss, Regenerative & Anti-Aging Medicine Preventative Treatments, Aesthetic & Beauty Nutrition & Performance Chiropractic & Physiotherapy.