There are several companies to choose from. It’s a challenging job to find one you can count on and establish a connection in the long term. We stand out from other travel-based companies, as we are committed to school sports tours, sports travel and experiential journeys, which focuses on learning with plenty of fun activities and memories for a lifetime. Academies and school sports tours is a core part of our business and we have organized several active school sports tours for a comprehensive variety of sports and to many locations around the globe.

Why choosing us?

Safety & Security

comprehensive risk assessment for each & every trip

Our tours are well equipped with Safety & Security – Comprehensive Risk Assessment for each & every trip. Every venue, every recommendation on health and safety criteria is checked and validated. For us, it is crucial. Whether it’s trekking the Himalayas, driving through the backwaters, diving in the Andamans, cycling across a village, or playing a hockey or cricket game in most iconic locations, we’re researching and supplying you with the best. We feel a greater obligation to ensure students, and we connect well as to deliver the importance of Responsible & Sustainable Tourism when it comes to youth travel.

Dedicated team

of sports and travel enthusiasts

travelOsports takes you into the world of conceptual sports travel where you can learn, practice and encounter some of the unique adventure sports. With a strong commitment to building a niche in sport tourism and experience-based learning, Team travelOsports is passionate about taking the concept of modern sport growth into a new age of learning evolution.


equal-level sports fixtures and tournaments

travelOsports is the concept that puts together the world of sports and tourism on a global scale. For students from progressive and creative schools, sports academies and clubs, we at travelOsports specializes in carefully planned and highly personalized international sports tours. In addition to custom-made sports trips, we also deliver high intense sports coaching camps and international youth tournament tours. We come to the position of creating unforgettable experiences for enthusiastic players, improving and sustaining through the journeys of their physical and mental health. Our sports tours are geared to a great variety of professional/competitive sports fixtures and tournaments.

Experiential tours

with a focus on learning outcomes

Our experiential tours with a focus on learning outcomes are paired with cross-cultural interaction, which is the ultimate gateway to academic success. Our experiential tours are exclusive as you will the get the opportunity to emphasize on experiencing the country, city or particular place by interacting with its history, people, culture, food and environment with an effective and meaningful way of learning. It can be a transformational tour for you and your team.

exclusively designed packages

carefully designed travel itineraries

 We are one of the leading companies in offering tour packages for both inbound and outbound. Both Indian and overseas schools, colleges, and private sports clubs leverage the opportunity given by us. Our carefully designed travel itineraries offer players involved in sports a unique opportunity. Our team chooses and offers events, destinations precisely and provides a comparative analysis to let you select the best choice with our customized trips according to Budget and priorities.Just tell your budget and priorities and we will look into it and get back to you within 24 hours with the customised tour plan that will suit you the best. Any kind of special arrangements will be made with the top most priority and at your best comfort zone.

Plenty of options

sports and sporting destinations

It’s not just a work for us-we value ourselves on the ideas we offer. We support each other in all efforts to achieve perfection and are not happy until projects meet our own high personal expectations. We provide plenty of options for all major sports, whether you want to be delighted with the IPL, ICC Cricket World Cup, NBA, NFL, FIFA World Cup or dream of seeing your favourite sports team playing in Olympics, travelOsports provides top-notch facilities to experience the most popular sporting events in the world at first hand.

24X7 assistance

on all stages of the tour

We provide 24X7 assistance on our tours. So, you never feel lost on your journey and can enjoy the tour with full enthusiasm. We try to answer all your queries so as to remove any hesitation about how your child or player will be handled and taken care of while on tour and what will be the arrangements for the travel from the start of the tour until the return. We’ll be updating each and every detail to the group going for the tour in well advance. We’ll be providing you with the backup plans in case of emergency.

Smooth travel planning

easy and hassle-free services

Our extensive widespread and highly-established presence in prominent locations such as India, US, United Kingdom, Australia, UAE, Sri Lanka, South Africa help us deliver services to many untouched internal areas and ensure the outbound and inbound tours are run smoothly. Our ultra-smooth travel planning and booking procedure will ease your work.