Future Of Scavenger Hunt Is Here.

Create A Virtual Scavenger Hunt Event That’s Fun & Easy To Administer

Bring Virtual Events And Interactive Gaming To Your Company's Next Team Bonding Session.

Online Team Building

Why This Solution?

  • Highest ROI on any Team Building Activity in the market (Fun MINUS All Hassles).
  • Suites Remote/Outdoor/Inhouse, all kinds of teams (Everywhere, Anytime, Any Occasion).
  • Negligible Event Preparation Time (makes you concentrate on your business more in this troubled time).
  • Ultra Smooth Management (Just a smooth internet connection is required).
  • Engages all of your team members equally (yes, without any discrimination).
  • Maximum Transparency (as you can monitor all the activities in real-time).
  • Minimum costs as compared to any other team building solutions available (we know this is a hard time for all the businesses).
Online Team Building

What It Includes?

  • Choose from 7 different challenge types to create your event: Photo, Video, Quiz, GPS, QR Code, Text and Information.
  • Use the event leaderboard to award prizes based on performance.
  • Award players prizes based on in-app badges for achieving specific goals!
  • A Chat feature is available that will allow players to interact with other players in the app to strategize and work together.
  • Grow your brand awareness as players easily share their experiences, photos, and videos on social media.
  • View content posted to the in-game feed and download it for use on social media, promotional materials, etc.

How to Book?

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Choose from our readymade missions OR customize missions you want your employees to compete.

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Who is travelOsports to make such promises?

We are improvers and unique event creators. In a short span, we have helped more than 50 corporates in providing innovative and inspiring team-building and sporting experiences.
We have worked with industry leaders and experts that made us discover the most powerful team-building strategies with a very effective ROI.
We believe corporates should have more power over how they spend their money on team building events. So we are trying to help them as a mentor rather than a salesman.

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