International youth sports festival tournaments are an essential way of enhancing athletes from various countries’ friendship and mutual understanding. As well as affecting the political, economic, and other cultural aspects of countries across the world, contemporary international sporting events are big business. Hosting a major sporting event will bring numerous benefits to the economy, society and culture. The raised profile can be crucial to offer economic benefits, such as attracting visitors and investing in the industry. For example, The World Cup has made a considerable difference for South Africa’s aspirations. Hosting a major sporting event for a country such as China with a contentious human rights record may be a way to achieve greater international recognition. Most sports leagues create an annual champion by conducting games during a regular sports season followed by tournaments. There are hundreds of sports events, from those involving single players to those with hundreds of concurrent competitors, either in teams or as individuals.

Playing in various facilities with different types of players will improve the individual skill rates of the participants of the tournament. The Italian youth hockey festival is an excellent example. Like U.S. hockey, Italian youth hockey laws focus on player touch, emphasizing the importance of walking and holding skills in handling. Additionally, matches of youth hockey are played on the ice sheet of the greater Olympic size. Competition with Italian teams is a perfect way to develop skating skills and to stick handling.

 The international youth sports festival is excellent exposure for the youth teams to provide the opportunity to travel and compete with sports teams from other countries. Besides participating, the team members can visit the countries, cities and areas where the tournaments are held. Therefore, these amateur sports events offer opportunities and advantages that are impossible to replicate. The rewards include engaging in an exciting environment, learning in a variety of disciplines, establishing friendships, persuasive communication skills, increased self-reliance, strengthened competence and enhanced reputation. Although the cost of engaging in these international travel tours can be considered high, the life-long benefits obtained may contribute to these young people being viewed as great deals.

 Another quite apparent beneficial impact of international sport tournaments is the networking that takes place through the international travel process. Going to mega-events like the NFL, NBA, FIFA world cup, Olympics brings opportunities that cannot be duplicated by reading. International sports tournaments have a foreign language, history, art, and music learning experiences as well.

 Constructively, the sport has been and continues to be a significant medium of authorization in international relations. It is one of the most notable cases from the past several decades to nowadays due to its growing consequences. Before the Olympic Games, the sporting competitions previously conducted by a very small minority have dominated the entire country virtually, and then other organizations.