Horse Polo Travel India

Polo is a team-sport seated on horseback. It is one of the oldest recognized team sports in the world. Polo has been referred to as “the sport of kings" and has become a global sport for riders and culture. India has productive historical relations with many of the western sports, including Horse Polo. India is one of the few countries in the world where the Horse Polo game is still being maintained and practised. India is where modern polo was founded. Polo’s first official game was played in Manipur state, India. Yet the game design and its variations date back to the 6th century BC until around the 1st century AD. Some of the Notable Indian Polo Players are Rathore, Maj Ravi, Rathore, Mr. Lokendra Singh and Sandhu, Lt Col Navjit Singh.

 Horse Polo travel is now famous around the world, with the International Polo Federation comprising well over 100-member nations. In 1833 the first polo club was founded in Assam, India, in the town of Silchar. The game’s roots in Manipur are traced to early precursors sagolkangjei. Traditionally, polo is played at Manipur with seven players to one side.

 Imphal Polo Ground in the State of Manipur is the oldest polo ground in the world. Manipur has polo not only among people but also Marjing, who is called the god of polo and who also has a pony as his carrier. Besides, the state’s Lai-Haraoba festival portrays the life and times of Khori-phaba, the god of sports playing polo. Therefore, these details show that from the antiquity the game has roots in the region, and Manipuri’s royal families played a vital role in popularizing the game.

 Our Horse polo travel tour will include the training camps and matches to the magnificent polo grounds of India which includes

 Rajasthan Polo club

Rajasthan Polo Club is India’s premier Polo Center& has made a significant contribution to this sport’s inclination in India & abroad. From the perspective of the spectators, Jaipur has always been an essential and famous polo centre.

 Gurgaon Polo and Equestrian Club

Gurgaon polo is based in Gurgaon, Haryana, and is owned by the famous Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda.

 Amateur Riders’ Club (ARC)

Started in 1942, the Amateur Riders’ Club (ARC) is one of India’s oldest and largest private, citizen riding clubs. Located in the heart of Mumbai, it’s a year-round centre for equestrian events.

 Calcutta Polo Club

Calcutta Polo Club is based in West Bengal established by Two British soldiers, Capt. Stewart and Col. Sherer n 1862.  the club runs the oldest ever Polo Trophy, the Ezra Cup (1880).