Horse riding tour is a fascinating experience for everyone, and that’s why India has become one of the world’s hottest horseback safari destinations for horse riders. Through this most unique and time-honoured horse riding tour, experience with us the colours of India.

 Horses have been an essential part of daily life in ancient days, whether it was for trade, mobility or war. An ancient way of moving for the kings and nobles, it has been practised for centuries in India and is now revived for tourists and horse lovers. Here you experience & enjoy horse riding tour in the countryside to discover a virgin destination where no other mode of transportation can go & experience the ultimate horseback safari in the best region of Rajasthan (Land of Kings) &Ladakh (Himalaya).

 In Rajasthan, over the years the horse is more than just about transportation. For the aristocracy and the kings, it was a way of life. Horses continue to provide us services through farming, by pulling carriages and also by forming a part of some traditional ceremonies and customs throughout India.

 Our horseback safari package includes the exotic destinations of India like:-

Udaipur – India’s beautiful desert state, for a breath-taking horse riding tour experience. Udaipur horse riding provides an excellent and fascinating way to explore this semi-arid city with lavish forts and majestic hills.

 Ladakh – Ladakh is among the best horseback riding destinations in India. There are several trails in the area which encourage you to explore the remote and charming nature of Ladakh.

 Mahabaleshwar – Mahabaleshwar, in Maharashtra, is one of the most famous horse riding destinations. At an average elevation of 1353 meters, this lovely hill station is nestled in the lush greenery of the Western Ghats. The Echo Point offers horses for short as well as long journeys, offering you the opportunity to see some famous attractions.

 Digha – Digha beach renders for a perfect horseback riding destination. Admiring the convergence of the Hooghly River with the Bay of Bengal, this spot offers a quiet and peaceful place to practice horse riding sport.