Therma Village Spa & Sports Resorts, Bulgaria


Nature with active sport is the best combination for your health! Therma Village offers its guests for sport and recreation at various sports playgrounds with flat professional measurement. A good game of any sport will make you feel healthy and happy! Close to hotels there are various many other grounds of professional sports and some are in the Black Sea Arena. The fields and grounds are prepared with artificial grass which can be used all year around. Playing close to the sea will cheer you up and make you feel healthy and active! The resort has a friendly yoga room suitable for yoga lessons, practices, relaxation, and lectures.

“Therma Village” is best for anyone who wants to get relax and feel at the sea ends with yoga. The beach, the air, and the surrounding environment are amazing for this type of practice, relaxation, and meditation. Each of you can enjoy the serene sea, tranquility and yoga practices from morning till night.

Sports Facilities-

Hydrodynamic Flume, Water Sports, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Bavarian Curling, Sporting Dances, Bowling, Billiards, Tennis, Yoga, Volleyball, Mini Football Field, Basketball

Best Time To Visit-

 April, May, September & October

The specialty of Therma Village Spa & Sports Resort-

  • Modern spa-center.
  • Own beach in THERMA Village.
  • Healthy and tasty dishes
  • Dalboka Mussels Farm
  • The palace and Botanical garden in Balchik
  • Aladzha Monastery
  • Cape Kalaikara
  • Yacht port Balchik
  • Dolphinarium.