Intra Corporate Sports


Single sports tournament– One game, one company. Want to play a game of your choice as a tournament? travelOsports’ Intra corporate sports provide you with tournaments in any sport including cricket, football, basketball, volleyball and many more. Choose your game and your teams rest leave it on us. All you have to is just gear up your shoes and play.

Multiple sports tournament- remember the times of childhood when you a sports day event in schools consisting of many different fun games to play with a team and just you! Yes, we at travelOsports provide you with these exciting events in intra corporate sports to make your office equally valuable just like your times back then. Come join us in such joyous events with your time and your day.


Catering: Mouth-watering and healthy food and beverages with options including buffet, packed meals in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Media: Our team will also provide you with your most memorable moments in the form of videos and pictures pre and post-event.

Entertainment: We also provide you with DJs and MCs for having entertaining and a joyous event.


Fitness is directly proportional to Business

  • Create employee confidence, loyalty, and team spirit. Increase name and brand recognition.
  • Develop contacts with leaders and representatives of local businesses.
  • Reach new clients, create new contacts and meet new customers.
  • Provide real incentive programs.
  • Experience the ultimate mix of sports, business, and fun.

Corporate Benefits

  • Represent your company, business or organization.
  • Create your team, get to know your fellow staff.
  • Open to all businesses and organizations – regardless of their size.
  • Teams include employees, colleagues, clients, family, and friends.
  • Bring your company’s banner and get ready for exciting competitions and celebrations.