11 Best Cities for Sports Lovers to travel


Sports is a widely spoken language that unites people regardless of their roots, context, religious views, and economic status. Sports fosters a sense of belonging and identity by bringing people together in our tiered society. When you merge the love of sports and travel, the result is pure nostalgia and exhilaration. Here are 11 spectacular locations for sports travelers that you can fly to for the sports lover in you.

1. Melbourne, Australia

Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is the greatest in the world. MCG is one of the biggest cricket stadiums and has played a significant role in the sport’s growth and success as a whole. It has also hosted other major sporting activities, such as Aussie rules football, soccer and even the 1956 Olympics. Melbourne is host to the Australian Open and is one of four annual Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

The city is unmatched in its stadiums, support from the fans, and event diversity. It is the only city that has hosted the World Cup in the Rugby League, Formula One race and Grand Slam tennis tournament all within six months.

Due to the massive winds created by the Southern Ocean along Bells Beach around April, the Rip Curl Pro is the premier competition on the pro surf circuit.The Australian Open in January sees the Grand Slam tennis season’s annual launch. Witness sports legends such as Roger Federer and Andy Murray break serve in the stadiums of Rod Laver and Margaret Court.

2. London, United Kingdom

A driving location influence behind the Premier League, London has created a plethora of clubs every year vying for the championship. The key clubs that play in the London area are the Arsenal, Chelsea,  Tottenham, Queens Park Rangers, Crystal Palace and West Ham. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum has memorabilia that goes back to the 1500s, has movies to watch, and lets you see Center Court for yourself.

London has also hosted three Olympic Games, the most recent of which was in 2012. It’s a city that primarily thrives on football culture but has also found success in hosting NFL games. The league plays there regularly, since 2007.

The Noble City of London deserves a spot on this list from boxing to soccer, and beyond.The various attractions in the city other than sports, like the London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster’s Abbey, and Nelson’s Column draw in countless guests. The Shard in London is the tallest structure in the city. There are different exhibition halls and artistry displays in London, which save the legacy and culture of the monstrously noteworthy vibrant town. There are likewise a few stops in the city for the vacationers to walk and unwind.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a city loaded with sports fans throughout the time as it has excellent teams of football, baseball, and ice hockey. Its baseball history is focused on the notable Fenway Park, which offers a scope of visits to find a good pace arena and the players who have called it home. Boston is home to the New England Patriots football crew, the Boston Celtics basketball group, and it’s brimming with different games activities like the long-distance race, soccer, cruising, and lacrosse as well.

There are lots more other than Sports in Boston like you can either go for a walk on the phenomenal occasions around Freedom Trail, stock up your insight banks by visiting Museums, or virtually stroll on the Charles River Esplanade. The New England style cooking is going to intrigue your taste buds anyway, so save your noses dynamic for some crisp fragrances. You can go to Boston’s Public Garden, Franklin Park Zoo, or the New England Aquarium if you need to take a break from prominent endeavors.

4. Beijing, China

As of the XXIV Olympics, Beijing will be the first-ever city to hold both the summer and winter Olympic Games, making sure about its spot in the history books. The late spring rounds of 2008 were about Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, and we can hardly wait to see who will be the sparkling star of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The groundwork for the Beijing 2022 games has been centred on supportability and diminishing the carbon impression, so it will be an energizing time to visit Beijing and experience the publicity and the ascent of the advanced games firsthand.

Other than Sports, Beijing also has some beautiful and pleasant spots fabricated only for relaxation and entertainment, for example, the Summer Palace, the Jingshan Park, the Shichahai region, and obviously, the beautiful Beihai Park. You can never discuss a visit to Beijing without the Great Wall of China, its numerous famous parts and tracks, and fortresses. Not merely the attractions, Beijing is likewise home to a wide assortment of recreational activities. Streets filled with shops and stores, heaps of bars and dance club, and the world-renowned Chinese food. Beijing makes for a superb seven day stretch of the journey, discovering the history and the way of life of one of the most established and verifiably most significant Chinese urban areas.

5. Manchester, England

Manchester, England, has been called the “Alex Ferguson nation” for nearly 30 years. For almost three decades, the legendary Manchester United manager managed the Reds to greatness.

The union between Ferguson and Manchester United contributed in 13 titles in the Premier League, five victories in the FA Cup, four appearances in the League Cup and two crowns in the Champions League.

Though Ferguson is now retired, the city will never forget his outstanding work for the club. His work together with some of the world’s best soccer players transformed this town into one of the world’s most significant sports towns. Manchester will be a red sea forever. Old Trafford‘s electric vibes — the stadium of Manchester United — can surpass any place in the universe.

Manchester City, not to be outdone by United, has also been a dominant club in its own right. The club has been awarded the Premier League title four times since 1936, overtaking the Reds as of late. The squabbling culture that exists between City and United has made Manchester one of Earth’s most celebrated sports towns.

6. Paris, France

The world’s generally renowned and seemingly hardest cycling race is the Tour de France, which happens yearly in July, and even though the course may change each year, it generally finishes in Paris on the Champs-Élysées. In case you’re a cycling fan, it would be an epic encounter to be there to witness the completion of 23 overwhelming long stages of cycling.

Paris is one of the best artistry storehouses on the planet harboring creative family in any semblance of Renoir, Rodin, Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh. Paris has the glorious Louver, remarkable impressionist assortments, and the Center Pompidou’s advanced and contemporary craftsmanship, plenty of littler historical centers exhibiting assortments in each classification possible. It also has the hypnotizing Eiffel Tower puncturing the horizon, the Arc de Triomphe guarding the most stylish road, the Champs-Élysées, the magnificent Notre Dame house of God. Trendy designer boutiques, retro shops, leader high fashion outlets, and swap meet at the cutting edge of typical trends-reclassifying design, polishing, and class. Paris is also renowned for its excellent French cuisine, tempting pastries and bakeries, delicious cheese shops, and fragrant wine shops.

7. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil

The 2014 FIFA World Cup showed Brazil is one of the most colourful countries in the world. A nation brimming with football lovers, Brazil is the perfect area for football fans, where they can enjoy their preferred game. The vibe in Rio is enthralling. Watching the host group score goals among a gathering of 70,000 at the Macarena arena is an encounter you wouldn’t have any desire to miss in Rio. Participate in some road football in Sao Paulo to comprehend the football culture better. Different games in Brazil are gradually picking up prevalence, on account of new-age media. Combative techniques, which were unfathomable as of not long ago, have gotten increasingly noteworthy in the nation.

You will enjoy a lot of fascinating cities while exploring the Brazilian countryside. Five professional clubs consider Rio de Janeiro home.  Notwithstanding a significant follow-up for that sport, volleyball has also become one of the city’s most famous sports. Yet Rio de Janeiro does have something special that makes it an unusual location.

8. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is a city for ice hockey. The Maple Leafs are the beautiful city’s pride and joy. Right over the Canadian fringe, Toronto has conspicuous hockey and baseball crews that make the territory worth visiting for something other than Niagara Falls. It is called the “capital city” for sports fans in Canada since it’s the just one in the nation with its proficient basketball, hockey, baseball, football, and soccer clubs. With the Blue Jays out there representing the entire baseball spectrum and the Toronto FC as members of the MLS, this town has plenty of sports excitement going on throughout the year. The Hockey Hall of Fame here is additionally worth a visit.

 With no shortage of spots to visit, to appreciate a feast at, go for a walk, or kick back and respect the things around one, Toronto can without much of a stretch be the very exemplification of a fantasy city to live in. The Kensington and the St.Lawrence Market, Toronto Islands, an ultra-captivating Ripley’s Aquarium and an extensive rundown to name, the spots to visit are various, each with its very own alternate atmosphere. Celebrations and presentations add more to the beautiful combination of societies and heritage. The Canadian International Auto show advances an extraordinary showcase of mech muscle and car perfection. The Comicon is another domain in itself. To investigate the universe of staggering cosplays and enjoy a geekier form of you, the Comicon is the spot to be. The International Festival of Authors and Canada’s Walk of Fame are a group separated in the class of celebrations, hence an absolute necessity visit for abstract and culture devotees. An exceptional treat for individuals who adore pandas. Toronto will possess a different spot in your heart.

9. Berlin, Germany

Berlin has plenty of reasons for being on this chart. Not only does the city host the Hertha BSC Bundesliga soccer club but the German metropolitan area is also liable for the FC Union Berlin, Bundesliga 2 team.

Outside the soccer world, Berlin is a town that loves its basketball and hockey. Alba Berlin is the team to look out for on the hardwood. According to the official Euroleague website, Alba Berlin earned the Korac Cup in 1995 to go with eight German National Cup wins.

Being one of Europe’s most popular cities, Berlin seemed to be able to prosper with its culture of the sport. It has created some great teams, no matter what the sport, that have done right across town.

10. Barcelona, Spain

A culture-daubed Spanish city, Barcelona is best known for its football team, FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona has always been a hotbed for the best talent, one of the most prestigious clubs in La Liga’s history. Competent stars like Ronaldinho, Diego Maradona, Neymar and Lionel Messi have all made the FC Barcelona club proud over the years.

The town also hosted the 1992 Olympic Games, in addition to soccer. Among other amazing things, it was the year of the Dream Team. But unlike most host cities after the Olympics leave the country town, Barcelona has been able to take all the money they invested on the games and turn it into something positive, per The Boston Globe’s Shira Springer.

The elegance, the creativity and the amusing fans are three reasons why Barcelona is still one of the world’s greatest sporting cities.

11. San Francisco, California

The San Francisco Bay Area is appreciated for its loyal fans and its player. San Francisco is home to the baseball champions, and the football 49ers, which holds the most popular portion of the year filled by locals and sports-enthusiastic visitors. Other Bay Area groups to watch incorporate the Oakland Athletics (baseball), Golden State Warriors (ball), and Oakland Raiders (football).

The city has an incredible combination of cultures and isn’t lacking in entertainment alternatives either. San Francisco’s most important milestone is the Golden Gate Bridge, covering the width of the San Francisco Bay and offering some excellent vistas. Travels on the Bay are likewise a well-known action you shouldn’t pass up. The Fisherman’s Wharf and the Alcatraz Island joined with the scaffold make for three of the most celebrated vacation destinations in the city. Indeed, even the city’s link vehicle framework is utilized more by vacationers than everyday workers! The city also has various assortments of galleries, running from craftsmanship exhibition halls to the entrancing and advanced Walt Disney Museum and the Exploratorium. San Francisco additionally has a few open common spaces, for example, the tremendous Golden Gate Park, which contains a few intriguing spots with regards to itself. San Francisco, as it is affectionately called, is additionally a heaven for customers, with a few roads of worldwide and nearby boutiques and the biggest Chinatown outside Asia. Furthermore, as the sun sets, the city awakens to take off for the night to its splendid contributions of clubs and bars.