Adventure Camps

TravelOsports has various adventure activities along with Recreational Activities, Yoga Sessions, Archery, Shooting, Leadership Games and First-Aid Sessions. We do have camping in schools which gives a sense of various types of challenges in the journey of life. Students get to learn about sharing of responsibilities, get to work with other students and will learn to manage themselves. Camping experiences are filled with loads of learning, fun and frolic with the unbeatable gala experience of staying with friends and mentors. The camps are executed under trained supervisors and certified instructors to look after of safety at all times.

Learning outcomes-

  • Leadership Development
  • Behavioral skills learning
  • Increase in self-confidence and independence
  • Confident, creative and self-reliant individuals
  • Develop as individuals
  • Experiential education

School Camps

TravelOsports has brainstormed various skills to encourage students to participate in various physical activities. We think that a leader can influence many more to become a leader. This is what we do. We are creating Leaders for Tomorrow by made them participate in professional sports.

TravelOsports works with various educational institutes and provides various Training Sessions with Best professionals in the industry. These sessions will help students to become a pro in the game. The character of a person is developed at an early age and school is the perfect place to build character. We aim to build a strong India and that starts with educational institutes, which teaches them life facts. Our Professional Training Sessions made students grow up with best skills and they get to show- case their talent in various tournaments in India and Abroad. Our Pro Masters gives a hand-hold to students and keep on tracking every individual’s performance from time to time.

 Learning Outcomes-

  • Master in skills
  • Latest International techniques of training
  • International Match experiences
  • Expertise solutions
  • Become the master of the game
  • Psychological training