Best Exotic Destinations to Travel in 2019

If you are looking for some unique destinations to spend your vacations this year or you simply trying to be cool by visiting the places where your friends/colleagues/relatives have most probably never been to. This “best exotic destinations to travel in 2019" is the perfect handpicked list for your upcoming travel.

1. Cancun, Mexico


There's an ocean of three shades of blue waters and of course visitors to jungle adventures, a spot for beachgoers, golfers and party goers. Dive deep and enjoy easy fun snorkeling. Come visit the beautiful Cancun. It is also a famed destination for children during spring breaks. Canon is also famous for its nightlife, beaches and various resorts inclusive of all. There are various things to do in Cancun like Cancun underwater contemporary sculpture, Xcaret the eco-archeological park with attractions, El Rey Archeological a collection of ancient Mayan ruins, Isla Contoy the small island known for bird nesting and many more.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, people enjoy tropical beaches and scintillating culture and you will find all the necessary components for a luxury and fantastic vacation. It is no wonder that thousands of people have made this place their top travel choice!

Enjoy the grand adventures, the wonders of nature on earth. Since it extends majestically from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, it is a must visit for the water babies. One-fourth of Costa Rica's land is covered by the protected jungle with various types of spider monkeys and birds. Costa Rica is famous for its biodiversity, beaches, and volcanoes.

3. Seychelles


The archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean is very pleasing to the eyes, it has remained faithful to its multi-ethnic roots. In Seychelles you will discover a melting pot of different races, with various traditions & religions from the corners of the globe. The destination is vibrant yet tranquil, contributing to the beautiful Seychelles culture. It’s home to various nature reserves and coral reefs.

4. Koh Samui

Koh Samui

It is the second largest island in the country which lies in the Gulf of Thailand and is very well known for its palm-fringed beaches. A picturesque destination for religious imagery and architecture, the Big Buddha will surely impress everybody. Especially at sunsets enjoys the tropical islands. Relax on the white sands & crystal clear waters under the romantic soft light of the full moon. The three huge rave- parties- Black Moon and two Half Moon Parties – are the major attractions of the place.

5. Turkey


Turquoise sea, golden sand, light glistering dream destination is all that it includes. A child of the modern world, it is full of ancient treasures and the gems of contemporary entertainment. Come bathe in the sun, sea & sand or repose in harmony with nature. Istanbul, the historic straddling Europe & Asia, Pamukkale the thermal terraces & Hierapolis ruins, Antalya is famous for beaches, Roman ruins & its Kaleici district and Bosporus for landmark waterway and continental boundary are various cities which are the major attractions.

6. Bahamas


Welcome to the spectacular islands of crystal blue water (the clearest water on the planet) and white sands. Explore extraordinary natural wonders, the unique sounds of its rich and warm culture and serene surroundings. Whatever excites you most about your travel life, you'll find that exactly in The Islands of the Bahamas.

7. Georgia


It is at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Escape to the majestic mountains, white water rafting, mountain hiking, beachside biking, art festivals, homegrown music, history & hospitality. Enjoy Georgia's stunning scenery, the world famous Caucasus Mountain villages, and Black Sea beaches, gentle peaks and rushing waters. The TravelOsports team welcomed visitors to their natural paradise.

8. Cambodia


The government of Cambodia created “Great Tourism Zones” as Busting beaches, charming cities, and a rich culture. There is a magic about the charming yet confounding kingdom that casts a spell on visitors. Experience the rhythm of rural life and the dazzling rice paddies, the swaying sugar palms will surely intrigue you. Experience the Angkor Wat, the massive temple with an ornament design, Bayon Temple the temple with smiling faces, Tonle Sap the largest freshwater in Asia, Ta Prohm Temple the overgrown temple with trees. Cambodia is one of the best places for family and couples.

9. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

A combo of European & African heritage. Explore the tropical beaches, surf breaks, and magnificent mountain landscapes. Find striking mountain peaks, verdant rainforests & cities bordered by gorgeous beaches. This Caribbean nation which shares the island with Haiti is known for its resorts and golf. Various beaches in Punta Cana are major things to explore while in the Dominican Republic. The best months to visit this are July and August; it’s high time when tourists fill the resorts.

10. Bogota, Colombia


Home to Popular Museums like Museo Botero, the elegant museum for international art, showcases Botero's art and displays pre- Columbian gold pieces and the Museo del Oro. Get a taste for the best in the beautiful land of history & stunning sights. Nestle high upon the enchanting cod green hills. This is the place where cosmopolitan meets colonial.

10. Amsterdam


It is known for its beautiful historic buildings and it's one of the most watery cities in the world. Amsterdam has a remarkable interplay of different lifestyles and world views. Come visit the world famous 17th century capital of Holland. Get a boat tour on the canals or just stroll through a unique city.


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